Saturnalia Gruit by Salt Spring Island Ales in British Columbia, Canada

About Saturnalia Gruit by Salt Spring Island Ales

Before beer, it was Gruit. For more than 700 years, Gruit Ale was the brewed beverage of medieval Europe. Like today’s beer, it was brewed with water, grain and yeast. Unlike today’s beer, it was spiced with any number of herbs, roots and spices. The Hop, which is now the quintessential aromatic and bittering herb of our contemporary beers, was once only one of many herbs sometimes used by brewers in their recipes. Saturnalia Gruit is made without hops – using wild-crafted herbs and a little ‘magik’. Complex, fruity and herbaceous, this is a must-try beverage in a class by itself!

Local, fresh-made beer crafted with spring water and organic malt.

Salt Spring Island Ales makes Saturnalia Gruit Scottish Gruit / Ancient Herbed Ale