Sea Buckthorn IPA by Balzac Craft Brewing Company in Alberta, Canada
Balzac Craft Brewing Company

Sea Buckthorn IPA

6.5% ABV • IBU 70 • SRM 10

About Sea Buckthorn IPA by Balzac Craft Brewing Company

Not everyone knows what they want in an IPA beer, so we created the Sea Buckthorn IPA that has a little something for everyone. The original recipe used Sea Buckthorn berries that were grown in Balzac. They are bright orange in colour and tart on the tongue. When you first pour this ale, through the eyes you will see a straw-like yellow in colour. To the nose, you'll breathe in a hint of passionfruit and citrus notes. But more importantly, when you taste it on the tongue you'll gather the ease of Citra hops, the light tangy acidity from the rind of the berry as well as the stem, and a heavy feeling of refresh at the end. Since the berry thrives in all seasons, this beer is perfect for summer AND winter.

At Balzac Craft Brewing Company our philosophy statement is "Fine Ales Make Friends" and we embody that with every craft beverage we brew and serve.

Balzac Craft Brewing Company makes Sea Buckthorn IPA American IPA