Seat Kicker IPA by Airways Brewing in Washington, United States

About Seat Kicker IPA by Airways Brewing

Will it ever stop? Just like his shoe on the back of your seat, the citrus-forward hop aroma of this beer keeps going and going.

Seat Kicker IPA is smooth, complex, and full of hoppy, flavorful goodness.

Made by Airways Brewing

In 2007, after learning how to brew from friends, books and classes, Alex Dittmar became obsessed with crafting good beer. A longtime employee at Alaska Airlines, he had no idea at the time where his obsession would lead. But, in 2008, Alex won his first competition of many as a home brewer at the San Diego County Fair for what is now the Jet City ESB. The wheels were set in motion for Airways Brewing, and Alex and Dione began planning the brewery in 2009.

Airways Brewing makes Seat Kicker IPA American IPA