Seigneuriale by Unibroue in Québec, Canada

About Seigneuriale by Unibroue

This beer was initially brewed by the now defunct Seigneuriale brewery in Boucherville. Unibroue decided to revive it in 2012, in honour of its name and unique recipe.

The "Régime Seigneurial" flourished in New France until the mid-nineteenth century. In 1667, Pierre Boucher, Sieur de Grosbois, established a seigneurie in Boucherville on the South Shore of Montreal. The last three seigneurs resided in the sumptuous François Pierre Boucher manor of Boucherville, which was built in the 1750s and declared a historical monument in 1974. This ale is dedicated to these ancestral roots.

Made by Unibroue

At Unibroue, we create unique-tasting craft beers using traditional brewing methods. Our beers are unlike any other product on the market, and no two are alike. Each one has a distinctive character defined by taste, colour, texture, and density.

Unibroue makes Seigneuriale Belgian Strong Pale Ale