Sentimental Marzen by Citizen Brewing Company in Alberta, Canada

About Sentimental Marzen by Citizen Brewing Company

A little late for Oktoberfest, but just in time for Alberta Beer Week - the Sentimental Marzen. They used a classic crisp pilsner malt in their Marzen, adding munich and carared malts for that bready finish. At 5.8% and 20 IBU, the Marzen is low on bitterness but big on flavour. Saaz and Tettang hops offer a hint of spice, a nice add to the caramel sweetness of the malt. So it wasn’t brewed at the right time, they missed Oktoberfest, and it’s not even a lager - but it’s got the sentiment of a traditional Marzen and we can all drink to that.

Local craft brewery with a 50 seat tap room, amazing out door patio/music venue, some serious BBQ and off sales available daily.

Citizen Brewing Company makes Sentimental Marzen Märzen / Oktoberfest