Shackmeister Ale by Brooklyn Brewery in New York, United States

About Shackmeister Ale by Brooklyn Brewery

Brooklyn Brewery has been friends with Danny Meyer and the team behind Shake Shack since their early days at the Union Square Cafe. In 2008, shortly before the expansion that would bring their Madison Square Park Shake Shack to the world stage, they went to Brooklyn Brewery and asked if they could create a beer to match Shake Shack's delicious burgers. A job like that would call for a great deal of burger-related research, so Brooklyn Brewers jumped at the opportunity. A great many "field trial burgers" later, Brooklyn Brewery delivered the first kegs of Brooklyn Shackmeister Ale to Madison Square Park. Today, Shacks around the world proudly stock the nobly-purposed ale. Brooklyn Brewery brew Shackmeister Ale as a hearty pale ale with plenty of malts to match the rich, griddled beef in every Shackburger. A bright burst of hops unifies the finish and invites the drinker to take another bite and accompanying sip.

Once an intimidating stretch of old warehouses and rough streets, Brooklyn's Northside has grown around the Brooklyn Brewery to become a cultural destination. Book Small Batch Tours and find out when to visit us on the weekends below, and check out our Events page for a complete list of public events in our Tasting Room.

Brooklyn Brewery makes Shackmeister Ale American Pale Ale (APA)