The Shandlot by Bauhaus Brew Labs in Minnesota, United States

About The Shandlot by Bauhaus Brew Labs

“The sultan of suds,” “The colossus of quenchers,” “The GREAT Shandino.” Bauhaus’ take on a classic shandy sums up what days at the fair are all about: sun, summer and fun – with thirst-quenching lemon thrown in for good measure.

Bauhaus Brew Labs is a family of musicians, scientists, artists and – above all – beer lovers, aiming to reinvigorate the spirit of the family brewery. At Bauhaus, we take a unique look at classic German-inspired beer styles, skewed slightly by a sense of play and adventure. Our flavor-forward, sessionable beers are crafted to surprise and delight without taxing the palate.

Bauhaus Brew Labs makes The Shandlot Fruit / Vegetable Beer