Shane Center Vienna Lager by Mountains Walking Brewery in Montana, United States
Mountains Walking Brewery

Shane Center Vienna Lager

5.5% ABV • IBU 20

About Shane Center Vienna Lager by Mountains Walking Brewery

This Vienna Lager is brewed in Collaboration with their friends at the Shane Center for the Arts in Livingston and they will be donating 10% of the sales from this beer back to them.

Shane Center Vienna Lager is brewed with 100% German Malt and 100% Czech Saaz Hops. As with all of Mountains Walking specialty Lagers, this beer is lagered for 2 MONTHS, giving way to a refreshing and crisp quality that is deceptive given its color. Assertive bitterness provides balance against a malt backbone with notes of caramel and toffee.

Enjoy this delicious amber lager and give back to an amazing pillar of their community!!!

Discover the "True Nature of Beer" through the cultivation of the mystery of fermentation.

Mountains Walking Brewery makes Shane Center Vienna Lager Vienna Lager