Sheltered Bay IPA by Honolulu Beerworks in Hawaii, United States
Honolulu Beerworks

Sheltered Bay IPA

7.25% ABV • IBU 70 • SRM 12

About Sheltered Bay IPA by Honolulu Beerworks

This Pacific Northwest style IPA is full of bold hop flavors that are balanced by a strong malt backbone.  Sheltered Bay IPA has a complex aroma of sweet toffee, freshly baked bread and vibrant orange and grapefruit zest. The medium-full body has a base of toasted malt with just a touch of sweet caramel to provide a great balance for the hops we use.  

Our mission is to bring the Oahu community together. We hope to accomplish this by offering craft beer that everyone can enjoy.

Honolulu Beerworks makes Sheltered Bay IPA American IPA