Shucker Stout by Mully's Brewery in Maryland, United States
Mully's Brewery

Shucker Stout

5.25% ABV • IBU 30 • SRM 40

About Shucker Stout by Mully's Brewery

Shucker Stout is dark and full of complex roasted/coffee/chocolate flavors. It’s brewed to ferment very completely to result in a dry and easy drinking finish. This stout is not motor oil. It won’t make you feel full after drinking just one but still carries a full spectrum of flavors and complexity. Shucker Stout is technically classified as a Dry Stout and, at just over 5% ABV, is light enough to enjoy over and over again.

Made by Mully's Brewery

Small, Independent, Craft Brewery.

Mully's Brewery makes Shucker Stout Irish Dry Stout