Shut Out Stout
Bomber Brewing

Shut Out Stout

British Columbia, Canada
6% ABV • IBU 45 • SRM 32

No need to bolt the doors or bar the windows – nothing's getting past this full-bodied stout! Through thick and thin, it holds strong and steadfast, with rich roasted malts as its backbone. Warming notes of coffee and biscuit are all that may penetrate its dark facade... some dare not speak its name aloud, but we think we know what's coming... the shut-out.


Dark chocolate and cocoa aromas. Medium-bodied with a tickle of carbonation; just enough to keep this stout refreshing! Oatmeal cookie & burnt chocolate notes. Lingering espresso finish. A versatile beer, whether you're looking to drink with entrees, desserts, or just on its own.

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