Sidehill Gouger DIPA by Three Ranges Brewing in British Columbia, Canada

About Sidehill Gouger DIPA by Three Ranges Brewing

Sidehill Gouger is a folkloric mountain creature with significantly shorter legs on one side of its body. This allows them to stand comfortably on sloped terrain, but they can only walk in one direction. If gougers try to reverse direction, they inevitably topple over. When a clockwise gouger meets a counter-clockwise gouger, they have to fight to the death.

Gougers are said to have migrated to the west — a pair of gougers who clung to each other like “a pair of drunks going home from town” with their longer legs on the outside.

Sidehill Gouger says: “If you fall, fall slowly and enjoy the scenery on the way down. You may as well, because it’s not the fall that will hurt you – just the sudden stop at the bottom.”  (homage to Canadian Mountain Rescue Pioneer, Willi Pfisterer)

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Three Ranges Brewing makes Sidehill Gouger DIPA American Double / Imperial IPA