Single in Bruges by Barrel of Monks Brewing in Florida, United States

About Single in Bruges by Barrel of Monks Brewing

While Trappist monks have brought people boldly flavored and highly octaned beers such as Tripels and Quadruples, the beer that they are most likely drinking themselves is a Singel or Patersbeir. Like those monks, at Barrel of Monks you’ll likely see them enjoying this clean and refreshing beer regularly as there is always something to be done and staying on even keel is key. It’s both the perfect beer to begin your quest into the world of Belgian Ales and an ideal choice after a long day of toil and trouble.

Belgian inspired craft brewery in Boca Raton, FL. Barrel of Monks Brewing is the first production brewery in the city, and the first brewery in the state to focus 100% on Traditional Belgian Inspired Ales.

Barrel of Monks Brewing makes Single in Bruges Belgian Pale Ale