S.I.R. Nikolai by Brasserie Générale in Québec, Canada

About S.I.R. Nikolai by Brasserie Générale

SIR [sir] abbrev. 1. Russian Imperial Stout 2. Male honorary title of honor conferred on members of certain orders.

Nikolai. A version of our Imperial Russian Stout enhanced in a barrel of Bourbon. In this variant, the natural roundness brought by the oak is complemented by the addition of vanilla pods. Drink quietly and not too cold ...

SIR NIKOLAÏ; a firm authority under a soft appearance ...

From our production plant, stop and taste one or a few of our cask and bottled beers. Several limited or experimental brews await you in a relaxed atmosphere.

Brasserie Générale makes S.I.R. Nikolai Russian Imperial Stout