S.I.R. Pedro by Brasserie Générale in Québec, Canada

About S.I.R. Pedro by Brasserie Générale

SIR [sir] abbrev. 1. Russian Imperial Stout 2. Honorary male title of honor conferred on the members of certain orders.

PEDRO. Version of our Russian Imperial Stout enhanced in Tequila barrel. After several months of ripening, the Tequila brings its unique signature and gives way to a slightly astringent finish. Drink quietly and not too cold ...

SIR PEDRO; a firm authority under a soft appearance ...

From our production plant, stop and taste one or a few of our cask and bottled beers. Several limited or experimental brews await you in a relaxed atmosphere.

Brasserie Générale makes S.I.R. Pedro Russian Imperial Stout