Sirens Chai Saison by Britannia Brewing Company in British Columbia, Canada

About Sirens Chai Saison by Britannia Brewing Company

Britannia Brewing, from Steveston BC has released the Sirens Chai Saison. Not to be confused with the Siren Song from Callister, or the Siren’s Song from Canoe, this is a Farmhouse Ale that is brewed with rooibos, orange, star anice, clove and pepper. Pouring the beer from the bomber bottle it is a hazy golden-orange colour and has two fingers of dense and lacing head. The aroma is rich with spice. Notes of orange, clove and pepper come through in spades while the tea adds a backing to the aroma. The flavour is spicy and complex with the orange and clove up front and a dry pepper-tea character that leaves a dryness on the palate. For some the added flavours might be a bit over the top but overall the whole ensemble works together as a cohesive unit. The result is a spicy and flavourful beer with a refreshing character and dry body. All in all this is a unique and enjoyable beer from Britania, I am looking forward to other beers that they will brew down the road.

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Britannia Brewing Company makes Sirens Chai Saison Saison / Farmhouse Ale