Slåtteøl by Kinn Bryggeri in Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
Kinn Bryggeri


Sogn og Fjordane, Norway
6% ABV • IBU 32

About Slåtteøl by Kinn Bryggeri

Slåtteøl Belgian Farmhouse Ale is a light, thirst-quenching, hay-making season favourite in the Belgian Saison tradition. Allowing Trappist yeast to run free to 26 °C, means an attenuated and spicy ale. It is very dry, almost acidic. Pilsner malt is used as the basis, adding small amounts of sour malt, wheat malt, caramel malt and Bayer malt. A hint of chocolate malt produces a deep golden colour. Northern Brewer bitter hops provide an edge, whilst East Kent Goldings impart a classic, balanced aroma with floral and spicy hints.

Made by Kinn Bryggeri

Here at Kinn we create craft beers in the English and Belgian traditions based on the purest mountain water from Sagafjella. Ancient craftsmanship - open fermentation and bottle conditioning - are important to us. None of our beers are ever pasteurised or filtered, and every one of them is brewed in our two breweries in Florø. Kinn beers are available off the shelf throughout Norway, and we also export to selected countries.