SMaSH IPA (Citra) by Le Trou Du Diable in Québec, Canada

About SMaSH IPA (Citra) by Le Trou Du Diable

SMaSH IPA is named for the expression ‘single malt, single hop’ since it is made from a single malt, the Golden Promises, and a single hop, the Citra. Typically, India pale ales are amber or red, but the distinctive SMaSH is a sparkling blonde beer topped with white foam. The aroma of honey and sweet malt is followed by strong, herbaceous citrus notes. The palate is a refreshing burst of aromatic hops, with the unique taste of Citra, making it an excellent thirst quencher.

Le Trou du diable c'est de la vraie bière, de la vraie bouffe et de vrais amis..

Le Trou Du Diable makes SMaSH IPA (Citra) American IPA