Smashquatch Pale Ale by Cold Garden Beverage Company in Alberta, Canada

About Smashquatch Pale Ale by Cold Garden Beverage Company

From the far reaches of Inglewood comes a mythical ancient creature. The Smashquatch Pale Ale. Where the river flows Orange, citrus, stone fruit, spice and pine is where the Smashquatch drinks. With a crisp, pale, straw body and a gentle hop bitterness and flavour The Smashquatch so crushable is gone as quickly as it was there. But now, out of the woods and into the Garden, the Smashquatch has taken up temporary residence in the Cold Garden tasting room.

The Smashquatch Pale Ale was brewed using only 4 ingredients. Water, yeast, Alberta Heritage Select Malt from Canada Malting Co., and Sasquatch hops, Canada’s first patented hop variety, from Hops Connect. Single Malt and Single Hop and all Canadian. 

Cold Garden is a Calgary-based micro-brewery in the vibrant neighborhood of Inglewood.

Cold Garden Beverage Company makes Smashquatch Pale Ale American Pale Ale (APA)