Smiling Ivan by Tin Roof Brewing Company in Louisiana, United States
Tin Roof Brewing Company

Smiling Ivan

Limited Release
10% ABV • IBU 65 • SRM 35

About Smiling Ivan by Tin Roof Brewing Company

Tin Roof wanted to make a beer so smooth, that Ivan the Terrible himself would crack a smile after just one pull. They’ve accomplished just that. This beer with a rich, bready, warm biscuit background embodies the finest English malts that give a robust flavor and great chewy sensation. Smiling Ivan is complemented by complex flavors of chocolate, toffee, coffee, raisin, plum and fig all playing on your palate. It will definitely put a smile on your face.

Tin Roof Brewing Company is a local brewery in Baton Rouge, Louisiana with an uncompromising commitment to exceptional quality.

Tin Roof Brewing Company makes Smiling Ivan Russian Imperial Stout