Smoked Porter by Newport Storm Brewery in Rhode Island, United States
Newport Storm Brewery

Smoked Porter

6.1% ABV • IBU 22 • SRM 83

About Smoked Porter by Newport Storm Brewery

Brewed especially for 12 Sheets, this robust mahogany hued ale boasts quite a unique falvor. As the velvety liquid cascades across the palate you’ll taste something familiar, bacon! Now, you’ll never believe us, but we assure you no pigs were harmed in the making of this beer. This brew has a malt forward recipe that calls for 3/4 of the total amount of grain to be slowly smoked over Beechwood.  English Cara, Dextrin, and Chocolate malts provide sweetness and color to merry with the “BBQ” background. Though hops are used to balance, they take a back stage to the wonderful flavors and aromas that only slow smoking produce. One sip of this brew and you’ll be saying “I can’t believe it’s not bacon”!

Founded by four college friends, Newport Storm Brewery has been making Newport Storm brews in Newport County since 1999!

Newport Storm Brewery makes Smoked Porter American Porter