So-Cal Style IPA
Granville Island Brewing

So-Cal Style IPA

British Columbia, Canada
7.8% ABV • IBU 80 • SRM 4

Big hops, with bright citrus and grapefruit notes. Like the state of California, Granville's So-Cal Style IPA is big, bold and beautiful. Bright citrus and grapefruit notes dominate this audacious brew thanks to an epic dose of West Coast hops. Pairs well with fish tacos with a citrus salsa.


Sondra Baker
The Beer Maven
Pours a golden yellow with a beige foamy head. Quite a bit of floating sediment because it's a non filtered beer. Grapefruit and strong hops on the nose. The hops and grapefruit continue to be the stars with orange notes playing lightly on your palate. A fresh play for fall when everything is dark and pumpkin.