Sol Juice by Skeleton Park Brewery in Ontario, Canada

About Sol Juice by Skeleton Park Brewery

Big, juicy flavor with a bitterness that won't offend.

This broad, citrusy India Pale Ale clocks in at an unapologetic 42 IBU. It is dry-hopped later in the brewing process with a hearty dose of Citra hops, and retains a bold bitterness that finishes sharp. This bold, yet easy-drinking beer, wins the hearts of craft beer enthusiasts and average beer lovers alike.

Taste: Dry as a bone and juicy as all get-out. Expect a big citrus aroma and flavour, coupled with delightfully subtle notes of lychee fruit. Bitterness is bold, yet not overpowering, making this a truly enjoyable India Pale Ale.

A thirst-quenching beer for the warm and sunny summer season.

Like it’s 1800s predecessors, Sol Juice IPA was designed for warmer weather. For English settlers living in colonial India, hops were added to homeland-brewed ales to better preserve them for their overseas journey. Lighter in colour and more bitter in taste, British colonialists living in warmer climates developed a taste for these thirst-quenching India Pale Ales. Hazy with a juicy mouthfeel, Skeleton Park thinks their Sol Juice IPA tastes like sunshine in a glass.

Tradition. Celebration. Respect.

Skeleton Park Brewery makes Sol Juice American IPA