Something Special by Common Space Brewery in California, United States

About Something Special by Common Space Brewery

This stout was brewed in collaboration with Bottle Logic as the first step of what will become a bourbon barrel aged Pastry Stout (Releasing November 2020). “Something Special” is the un-barrel aged portion of this pastry stout with no flavor adjuncts added. The composition of the grist was formed with lots of input from the Pastry Stout adepts at Bottle Logic, but the process to reach the staggering starting gravity of 32.5 plato (half the sugar content of molasses, or honey) Common Space brought to the table.


Andy and Kushal have been talking for over a year about doing an additive mashing process they have dubbed a “Dougan Mash.” Where in one mash’s wort is run off, and the second mash is infused, not with water, but with the wort of the first mash, creating an additively stronger mash. They were first exposed to the idea of additive mashing by John Palmer on the Master Brewer’s podcast, where Palmer had shown on a lab scale, that mashing was an additive process.

Flex Extract
Grist & Fermentables:
Rahr Pale, FLaked Oats, Simpson T50, Simpson Chocolate, Carafa 3 DH, Simpson DRC, Black Malt, Roasted Barley, Special W, Turbinado Sugar
BSI-7 Dry English

Common Space Brewery (a.k.a. Common Space LA) is a brewery located in Hawthorne, CA. Check out Common Space Brewing's list of beers, contact info and more.