Sour IPA by New Belgium Brewing Company in Colorado, United States

About Sour IPA by New Belgium Brewing Company

This Sour IPA balances opposing forces to get the best of both worlds. New Belgium has been dry-hopping sours for over a decade and just couldn’t resist the opportunity to apply their knowledge to a fruit-forward, hazy IPA. By combining the refreshing acidity of our iconic Wood Cellar sour with our hazy IPA, this beer truly takes flight.

New Belgium Brewing Company is a craft brewery located in Fort Collins, Colorado. It was opened in 1991 by Jeff Lebesch and Kim Jordan. In 2011, it produced 712,800 barrels of its various labels. As of 2012, it was the third-largest craft brewery and eighth-largest overall brewery in the United States.

New Belgium Brewing Company makes Sour IPA American IPA