Southside Lager by Arches Brewing in Georgia, United States

About Southside Lager by Arches Brewing

Formerly known as Unseasonal Lager. This American amber lager celebrates our grassroots beginning on the Southside. We first brewed this beer in 2005 at our East Point home brewery. It was one of our original and most cherished recipes. It was developed with a simple American grain bill to produce a profile which is light enough for Summer and hearty enough for Winter. This style offers a malty foundation with a distinct color and a hint of caramel from the old-world techniques used in the brewing process. We add noble hops to create balance and a mild spicy bitterness. It was born on the Southside.

Available on draft and six-pack cans.

Made by Arches Brewing

Arches Brewing is a craft brewery located just south of Atlanta, in Hapeville, Georgia. Check out their craft beers, contact information, and more.