Spice Of Life by Iron Fist Brewing Company in California, United States

About Spice Of Life by Iron Fist Brewing Company

Variety is the spice of life. Every once-in-a-while, you’ve gotta mix things up. The catalyst for such an excursion out of the ordinary is actually spice. Spice of Life uses traditional brewing spices in a way few dare to. Forsaking traditional ideas of subtlety and cowardly “Pinch of This, Pinch of That” brewing techniques, Iron Fist embraces the flavors and launches them into a full frontal assault of delicious bitter orange peel and grains of paradise. Beautifully smooth coriander compliments and orange peel perfectly.

Rule Your Taste With an Iron Fist!

Iron Fist Brewing Company makes Spice Of Life Bière de Garde