Spicy Kveik by GoodLot Farmstead Brewing Co. in Ontario, Canada

About Spicy Kveik by GoodLot Farmstead Brewing Co.

This time GoodLot is playing with yeast, a strain called Kveik (pronounced Ka-wike), an ancient Norwegian yeast strain typically used to create Farmhouse ales. It is known for its unusual high heat tolerances during the brewing process. This beer is a riff-off of their much loved Golden Ale. Same Ontario Malt groups’ grain, same Ontario grown hops, but they fermented it with Kveik yeast, and aged it on a blend of spicy cayenne peppers grown on the farm. A hazy straw colour with a tight white head. Aromas of sweet grain, biscuit, and peppers. A biscuity flavour that finishes with peppers and a nice spicy heat. A fun warm weather beer.

Goodlot is a farm-to-barrel brewery, brewing ale and lager using ingredients grown on their own farm.