Stay Dry Stout by Green Bench Brewing Company in Florida, United States

About Stay Dry Stout by Green Bench Brewing Company

A traditional Irish Dry Stout, Stay Dry is a pun. In St. Petersburg it is difficult to “stay dry.” The weather is either too hot and humid to avoid a constant sweat, or the tropical storms maintain a torrential downpour rolling in off the Gulf of Mexico. This beer is light in body, black in color, and packed with malt forward flavors reminiscent of chocolate, dark caramel, and coffee.

Green Bench's mission is to craft unique, high quality, beers using a combination of fresh, local and traditional ingredients. We want to dispense a product that is enjoyed and embraced by those in our community, while continuing to challenge the status quo of taste in our area. Here's to absurdly good beer!

Green Bench Brewing Company makes Stay Dry Stout Irish Dry Stout