Stephanie Brown Ale by Flying Dreams Brewing Co.  in Massachusetts, United States

About Stephanie Brown Ale by Flying Dreams Brewing Co.

Stephanie Brown Ale is a beer brewed for a girl with a love of malt. Malty and smooth, yet very drinkable with a relatively dry finish, this brew is well suited for any season or occasion. Brewed with hearty amounts of barley, oats, and wheat, Stephanie has beautiful complexity, yet remains wonderfully smooth. Picture hanging out in a bakery with the aroma of freshly baking brown bread wafting around and, at the same time, eating honeyed granola with a side of graham crackers. Thank you Stephanie!

Worcester's newest brewery! We have been open for 1 whole year! 1st year has been amazing! Sample our brews and take bottles and growlers home with you!!

Flying Dreams Brewing Co.  makes Stephanie Brown Ale American Brown Ale