Sterling Single
Gladstone Brewing Company

Sterling Single

British Columbia, Canada
5% ABV • IBU 30

The Belgian Single began as Patersbier, or Fathers Beer, one of the oldest beer styles originally brewed in Trappist monasteries for consumption by the monks. Traditionally low in alcohol and more refreshing than other Trappist-style beers, the style has changed to suit modern tastes while staying faithful to the original recipe.

An extremely pale golden ale, the Gladstone Belgian Single exudes fruity and highly spicy aromas. Three varieties of hops combine to create the unique character of the Single, Saaz provides the pepper, Hallertauer exudes floral, Goldings bring the citurs. These flavours are apparent in the light, dry body, though they remain understated to maximize the refreshing character of the Single. Complimentary pepper flavours from light hopping and a grainy texture from the malts create a very dry finish that almost vanishes from the tongue.

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