Stirling Hefeweizen by Breton Brewing Co. in Nova Scotia, Canada
Breton Brewing Co.

Stirling Hefeweizen

4.6% ABV • IBU 15 • SRM 4

About Stirling Hefeweizen by Breton Brewing Co.

Stirling: the German beer named after a Scottish Earl. The same Earl who gave Nova Scotia its flag. Confused? Don’t be. At Breton, we do what we please. In this case, a light, refreshing Hefeweizen (half wheat) beer that’s 60% wheat, 40% barley, brewed to let the clove and banana aromas kick arse. If we want to name it after a Brit or wear white after labour day, we will. So go ahead. Colour outside the lines. Drink the German beer brewed in Canada named after a Scotsman.

Locally owned and operated Craft Brewery in Cape Breton.

Breton Brewing Co. makes Stirling Hefeweizen Hefeweizen