Stoked Ember by Firehall Brewery in British Columbia, Canada

About Stoked Ember by Firehall Brewery

Sweet foreplay and a hoppy ending!

This flavour inferno is hopped up with fresh citrus & evergreen aromas, finishing strong thanks to our unrivalled roster of hops. Caramelized barley equips the beer with toffee flavours and the warm glow of burning embers.

“Pale Ales” (or “Bitters”, as they are known in England) range from mildly bitter to very bitter, depending on the use of hops. Hops are traditionally added to beer as a bittering agent to balance the sweetness from the barley malt. Hops also are a natural preservative, which is why in history large amounts of hops were added to English Pale Ales destined for India, hence the beer style named “India Pale Ale”. An “Amber Ale” is a Pale Ale that is brewed partially with barley malts that have been caramelized (“crystal malts”), giving the beer a slightly darker hue and adding caramel/toffee-like flavours.

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Firehall Brewery makes Stoked Ember American Amber / Red Ale