Stone Hut Pale Ale by Boréale (Brasseurs du Nord) in Québec, Canada

About Stone Hut Pale Ale by Boréale (Brasseurs du Nord)

A slightly hazy, easy-drinking and refreshing blonde that’s not too bitter. The malt and hops are allowed to shine. The mouth displays the hay and grain flavours of the Pilsner Malt, which are joined by floral notes from a small quantity of hops added during the brewing process.

*all profits from its sale will go to the Chill Foundation, a non-profit organization founded by Jake Burton and his wife, Donna Carpenter.

Brasser d’authentiques bières de caractère sans compromis : pur malt, toutes naturelles, que les meilleurs ingrédients sont utilisés et nous y mettons le meilleur de nous-mêmes. Brew genuine beers of character without compromise: pure malt, all natural, the best ingredients are used and we put the best of ourselves.

Boréale (Brasseurs du Nord) makes Stone Hut Pale Ale American Pale Ale (APA)