Stones Throw by Origin Malting & Brewing Co. in Alberta, Canada

About Stones Throw by Origin Malting & Brewing Co.

The big brother to our best selling "Legal Issues Scottish Export", this Wee Heavy was put together with a similar recipe but higher alcohol and the addition of heavy peated malt to create a smokey aroma and flavor. We ferment this ale a little cooler then our "Legal Issues" which produces a very clean, smooth flavor. Taste notes include smoke, chocolate, caramel, molasses, stone fruit and slightly dry, but sweet finish - followed by a slight warming sensation due to the higher alcohol content. Here at Origin, we enjoy our Scottish ales!!

Origin Malting & Brewing Co. is a local family run business in Strathmore, AB.

Origin Malting & Brewing Co. makes Stones Throw Scotch Ale / Wee Heavy