On the Stoop by Inner City Brewing in Alberta, Canada
Inner City Brewing

On the Stoop

5.6% ABV • IBU 22

About On the Stoop by Inner City Brewing

In the German beer family there are lots of strange and interesting cousins, but only one stately older uncle with a long and storied history like this. This style of beer has been around for hundreds of years, produced throughout Bavaria before the lighter Oktoberfest and Pilsner styles were even invented. This beer is made with a blend of light and dark Munich malts and lagered for a minimum of 30 days.

This style comes from Bavaria, in and around the city of Munich. Layers of dark bread crust, with hints of chocolate and nuts supported by lightly herbal Nobel hops. This beer is flavourful and fully bodied, but not heavy.

Amazing craft beer, brewed in the heart of downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Inner City Brewing makes On the Stoop Munich Dunkel Lager