Stout by Anderson Craft Ales in Ontario, Canada

About Stout by Anderson Craft Ales

Foreign Extra Stouts are a style of stout characterized by lots of roasted grain and malt character, as well as a higher alcohol content. Originating in tropical markets, and thus sometimes referred to as “Tropical Stout,” this style is smooth and exhibits restrained bitterness.

Anderson Craft Ales' Stout is velvety-smooth with prominent roasted flavours and aromas from locally-roasted coffee, combined with a decadent chocolate richness.

Try pairing it with well-aged cheese, chocolate, or anything salty for a pairing that complements it’s delicious roasted notes.

We're a family owned and operated brewery proudly brewing out of London, Ontario. We pride ourselves on crafting small batch, handcrafted, premium beers without compromise that we know you'll love; from our family to yours.

Anderson Craft Ales makes Stout Foreign / Export Stout

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