Stout Blanc by Oshlag Brasserie & Distillerie in Québec, Canada

About Stout Blanc by Oshlag Brasserie & Distillerie

The term "stout" originally referred to a sturdy beer. The term was diverted to nominate dark beers. Oshlag went back to the roots of the term to offer you the Stout Blanc, a rich and full-bodied beer. With a golden, veiled dress, it has been gently infused with coffee beans from the Barista roasting house, making it an unusual stout infused with aromas of vanilla and mocha, like a delicious latte coffee.

Oshlag brews bold seasonal beers and distills premium artisanal spirits.

Oshlag Brasserie & Distillerie makes Stout Blanc American Stout