Stout Imperial by Bièrerie Shelton in Québec, Canada
Bièrerie Shelton

Stout Imperial

10.5% ABV • IBU 66 • SRM 80

About Stout Imperial by Bièrerie Shelton

This 10.5% alc./vol. imperial stout is heady, smooth and complex. It is deep black, with a low carbonation typical of the style and a dense mocha-colored head. There are notes of coffee, dark chocolate, vanilla, crème brûlée and dried fruits. On the palate, the texture is velvety and rich. The flavors are intense, with a slight smoky touch. The whole experience lingers on a sustained bitterness.

Drink with:

  • A fireplace
  • Firecrackers
  • A crème brûlée, a stew

For us, a good beer is tasted but mostly shared!

Bièrerie Shelton makes Stout Imperial American Double / Imperial Stout