Straub Kölsch by Straub Brewery in Pennsylvania, United States
Straub Brewery

Straub Kölsch

5% ABV • IBU 25

About Straub Kölsch by Straub Brewery

Our Kolsch Style Ale is one of three new Specialty Styles offered in Straub’s 2015 Sampler cases. This all-malt, ale is our take on the classic style from the Cologne brewing tradition. Our Kolsch is light and refreshing, perfect for spring and summer. It pairs well with a range of spring and summer foods, like fresh fruits and salads, and grilled veggies, fish, chicken, and sausage.

Made by Straub Brewery

Brewing since 1872, Straub Brewery has established a legacy of being a family owned and operated brewery, committed to handcrafting quality beer that can proudly carry the family name.

Straub Brewery makes Straub Kölsch Kölsch