Stromhaus Helles by Metropolitan Brewing in Illinois, United States

About Stromhaus Helles by Metropolitan Brewing

Helles is German for “bright,” referring to the shiny, flaxen gold tones of this classic beer from Munich. If you walk into a bar in Munich and order a beer, you’ll get a Helles, lucky you. Helles is meant to be consumed every day, and for any occasion. In fact, the beer served at Munich’s massive Oktoberfest celebration is a stronger variation of the Helles style. Originally inspired by Pilsner-style beers, the Helles style is more malt-focused with a subdued, earthy Noble Hop presence.

Like many golden-toned, easy drinking lagers, the recipe for Helles is simple. Brewing lagers, however, is anything but easy. The quality and deliciousness of the beer in the glass depends on a lager brewer’s ability to reveal and celebrate the flavors of just a few key, traditional ingredients. The lager brewer’s technique must consistently deliver wort to the fermentation vessels that is as technically flawless as possible, so the picky lager yeast has the most suitable environment in which to flourish and do its best work. And finally, a lager brewer needs patience and dedication. Proper cold-conditioning time reduces off flavors and allows the yeast to drop out for clarity. And the best result of all: the desirable malt and hop flavors that the brewer meant to showcase become more prominent.

The Helles style is a particularly impressive demonstration of a brewer’s skill. A well-made Helles celebrates the crisp cereal flavor of Pilsner Malt as well as the gentle earthy flavors of traditional Noble hops.

Tasting notes
Light malt aromas balance with gently earthy and herbal Hallertauer Mittelfruh hop aromas. Prominent, slightly sweet Pilsner Malt flavors of biscotti and shortbread. Stromhaus Helles finishes clean and crisp.

We make lagers because we like them. You can have some too.

Metropolitan Brewing makes Stromhaus Helles Munich Helles Lager