Speakeasy Ales & Lagers


California, United States
4.7% ABV • IBU 35 • SRM 6

Suds is a brass colored, light-bodied, malt forward session ale, that’s packed with flavor. Brewed with Two-row, Maris Otter, Carafa, and Carahell malt, a whiff or sip of Suds conjures baked biscuits, caramel, and fresh bread. The hops play second fiddle. Columbus hops were utilized to achieve a mild bitterness, while Cascade and Merkur add a subtle touch of citrus. Bust some Suds out during long lazy days by the river, beach, pool, or anywhere else you need refreshment.


For the carnivore: Suds is a versatile beer. Serve it with roasted chicken, pork, fish and chips, or a lean steak.  You really can’t go wrong pairing it with animal protein.
Cheese: Try a range of English cheeses, from soft to hard. Goat cheese, mild cheddar, and more robust options like
Stilton or Cheshire Blue, will be delightful with Suds.

Dessert: A wide range of desserts are suitable with Suds, from Maple Bread Pudding to Pumpkin Pie.