Sugar Creek Saison by Sugar Creek Brewing Company in North Carolina, United States

About Sugar Creek Saison by Sugar Creek Brewing Company

A traditional farmhouse ale that dates back to the origin of agriculture in Southern Belgium, this style was brewed by farmers to nourish their seasonal workers (known as Saisonniers) during the grueling work of the season’s harvest. A fairly strong beer with an ABV of 6.6%, Saisons were traditionally brewed to be strong enough to preserve themselves for the following year’s harvest, but light enough to quench the farmhands’ thirst. Our rendition of this craft beer will transport you back in time, where you’ll be greeted with an array of distinctly Belgian flavors. Notes of spice, clove, and banana combine in this beer with a light toastiness from its traditional Belgian Malt, finishing with a tart, refreshing finish.

Sugar Creek Brewing Company is a craft brewery in Charlotte, North Carolina dedicated to the craftsmanship of fresh, high quality beer in the style of Belgian Trappist Monks.

Sugar Creek Brewing Company makes Sugar Creek Saison Saison / Farmhouse Ale