Summer Hefeweizen by Newport Storm Brewery in Rhode Island, United States
Newport Storm Brewery

Summer Hefeweizen

4.5% ABV • IBU 23 • SRM 18

About Summer Hefeweizen by Newport Storm Brewery

In 2012, Newport Storm changed the style of their summer offering from an IPA to an unfiltered hefeweizen ale. Over 80% of the grains this brew are derived from malted wheat which lends an exceptional softness to the palate. Naturally underlying, but not overpowering, banana esters arise on the nose, providing an exceptional addition to enjoying this beer’s experience. They LOVE these flavors and they are brought out by the yeast, so they made a decision to leave this beer 100% unfiltered. Hence, there is a natural yeast sediment in the bottles that you can chose to decant off of or swirl up to be poured into your favorite tasting glass. Lastly what makes this beer truly unique is addition of hops after this beer’s fermentation: Newport Storm has chosen the perfect combination to give a 100% natural citrusy lemon aroma and taste alleviating the “obligatory” orange wedge garnish.

Founded by four college friends, Newport Storm Brewery has been making Newport Storm brews in Newport County since 1999!

Newport Storm Brewery makes Summer Hefeweizen Hefeweizen