Sunday Market by Wildeye Brewery in British Columbia, Canada

About Sunday Market by Wildeye Brewery

This Gose is soured with Wildeye's own house strain of Lactobacillus Bacteria. That culture was made in the traditional method from Germany by soaking the pre-fermented beer on more grain. The Bacteria on the grain, under the right conditions, sour the beer, in a similar manner to the way yogurt is made. Once the desired level of sourness is achieved, we bring it back to a boil, and treat it as a normal beer after that, adding a touch of hops and ferment as normal.

Gose, as a style, has touch of Salt and Coriander and is a great beer for adding fruit to. In this particular case brewers omitted the coriander, and added cardamon instead to compliment the strawberry addition.

Made by Wildeye Brewery

Connect, reflect and celebrate! The North Shore has it all - ocean, mountains, forest, wildlife and most of all, a special community - there really is no other place like our backyard anywhere in the world. Our tasting room was designed with this in mind. An inviting place to bring the authentic people of this inspiring place together.