Super 8 IPA by Haacht Brewing Company in Flemish Brabant, Belgium
Haacht Brewing Company

Super 8 IPA

Flemish Brabant, Belgium
6% ABV

About Super 8 IPA by Haacht Brewing Company

Hop! A new IPA!

IPA is the abbreviation for the India Pale Ale beer category: amber-coloured beers with more hops, a higher alcohol content and a bitter flavour. Think you already know what our IPA is going to taste like? Then think again! Because the SUPER 8 IPA is a new, refreshing interpretation of this style of beer.

Hop! In balance

Most IPAs combine a large quantity of hops with a high alcohol content. With its 6% alcohol volume and wonderful citrus and grapefruit notes, the SUPER 8 IPA is even more refined and balanced. This means that you get all the characteristics of the style, without these being taken too far.

Haacht Brewery is a state-of-the-art brewery, inspired by its history and at the same time more than ready for the future.