Superpest Double IPA by Bomber Brewing in British Columbia, Canada

About Superpest Double IPA by Bomber Brewing

"Lead by example" is no forced cliche to the Superpest - it's an innate ethic.  In the bottle, that directive is deftly delivered by the great Centennial, Chinnok, and Columbus hops of the Pacific Northwest.  Only BC-malted 2-row barley is good enough to echo the Superpest name, so that's what we use...  


The soft bitterness of this golden hued brew produces a non-cloying landing on the palette.  Tangy hints of grapefruit rind linger on the side of the tongue, with a smooth, medium body.


Made by Bomber Brewing

Start up brewery located at 1488 Adanac St. in East Vancouver, British Columbia.

Bomber Brewing makes Superpest Double IPA American Double / Imperial IPA