Superpils by Le Trou Du Diable in Québec, Canada

About Superpils by Le Trou Du Diable

Superpils is a crystal clear blond with a pretty substantial lace which was born of a Bavarian father and a Czech mother. It features a nose of fresh malt and bread crumbs punctuated with notes of slightly spicy flowers. Its palate offers a full body which oscillates between the smoothness of the malt and the freshness of the herbaceous hops. The finish is long, dry and pleasantly crisp.

Superpils is designed just as much for connoisseurs as for neophytes who wish to expand the boundaries of their taste experiences. Any thirst-quenching beer lover will find in this version an ideal dance partner.

Le Trou du diable c'est de la vraie bière, de la vraie bouffe et de vrais amis..

Le Trou Du Diable makes Superpils Czech Pilsner