Sure by Locomotiv Co. in Québec, Canada

About Sure by Locomotiv Co.

Here is Locomotiv's sour beer. This is a Gose to which they have added sea buckthorn fruit. With this style of beer, they had to try to decrease the pH by souring in a pot (Sour Kettle), that is to say increasing the acidity, to create a strong, sour taste. To add to this profile, they have also chosen to add sea buckthorn from a local producer since these are berries that are both tasty and acidic. Traditionally, Goses are also salty beers. They have therefore concocted a blend of different salts to enhance all the flavors.

On the cereal side, on a barley base Locomotiv added wheat and oats to have a pale beer that has body. They lightly hopped it with Chinook for a touch of bitterness and fermented it with German Kölsch yeasts, which adds a fruity character.

In the end, you have a sour and salty beer, particularly refreshing, very sparkling and above all tasty!

Made by Locomotiv Co.

Projet d'ouverture d'une microbrasserie à Berthierville. Produits bientôt disponibles dans plusieurs points de vente au Québec.