Svelt Pilsner by Loyalist City Brewing Co. in New Brunswick, Canada

About Svelt Pilsner by Loyalist City Brewing Co.

Svelt Pils, is a Czech pilsner brewed in the classic Czech tradition with ingredients sourced directly from the Czech Republic. It beer pours a brilliant gold with a crisp white head that gives off a wonderful bready malt aroma complemented by a truly unique herbal and floral hop aroma from authentic Czech Saaz hops. With a complex bready malt flavor and pleasant floral notes, moderate bitterness, and smooth finish that strikes the perfect balance between malt flavor and Czech hops this beer is packed with character. This beer was brewed using traditional Czech decoction mashing and lagered for 60 days with classic pilsner yeast.

Svelt pils is a clean easy drinking lager filled with character that will leave you saying “dalsi pivo!”

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